Dispute Resolution

Civil disputes are challenging at the best of times, but when the crux of the conflict is a sensitive matter and the stakes are high, a disagreement can easily evolve into a bitterly fought conflict. If legal support is not sought at an early stage, court proceedings may be inevitable in resolving your dispute.

However, where there is still a chance to secure a favourable outcome outside of court, tailored advice and hands-on assistance from an expert in the field will be essential in achieving effective resolution. Equipped with over thirty years’ experience and extensive knowledge within the field of contentious probate, Stephen Gisby & Co boast an impressive track record for the swift and successful resolution of complex legal disputes.

How can we help?

Stephen Gisby is a well-renowned dispute resolution lawyer known for his ability to navigate complicate legal landscapes and his commitment to protecting client interests. No matter how far-advanced your situation, Stephen Gisby can provide the tools you need to secure a fair and timely outcome, be it in the courtroom or at the bargaining table.

The first task will always be to gain an understanding of your unique situation: perhaps it’s an emotionally-charged dispute over jointly-owned property, a contested claim for inheritance or a disagreement on the validity of a Will.  Building a clear picture of all the elements involved as well as your unique requirements will help us to advise you on the best approach in achieving your objectives.

From here, you can make an informed decision on your preferred strategy: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Adjudication or Litigation. Well-versed in each of these mechanisms, Stephen Gisby will always act within your best interests to bring a fair conclusion to a legal conflict.

If you are dealing with a dispute, early-management is essential in keeping the costs and time to a minimum. Even where matters have escalated beyond peaceful resolution, you will require the services of an experienced litigator to achieve the right outcome through court proceedings. Call us on 0117 915 4562 to discuss your options with an expert at Stephen Gisby & Co today.