About Us

Whether you are the executor of a Will or a beneficiary, dealing with an inheritance dispute is never easy and seldom straightforward. Quick, effective resolution is the key to keeping your case as painless as possible, but not all legal professionals can achieve this for their clients.

Should you find yourself caught up in a complicated conflict regarding the inheritance of a family member or friend who has passed away, you need someone who is prepared to fight for your case; you need a well-seasoned expert who can identify the issues, settle them if possible and is capable of running High Court trials if people cannot agree.

Contested Probate specialists

Stephen Gisby is a specialist probate litigator, well renowned for the high-calibre legal service he delivers to a diverse range of clients in Bristol and surrounding areas. Having gained significant experience in the field of contentious probate, Stephen has garnered a reputation in the profession for his ability to navigate complex legal disputes fraught with emotion and see them through to a favourable conclusion. 

Emotional intelligence, strong communication and practical expertise are the key components that drive the client service on offer at this small but highly specialist law firm.  From modest estates to high profile cases, Stephen Gisby brings 30+ years’ worth of technical knowledge and professional insight to resolve even the most complex conflicts, including one of the largest cases on record.

Effective dispute resolution

Beyond contentious probate, the Bristol-based team at Stephen Gisby & Co advise and act on behalf of their clients through a range of sensitive disputes surrounding land and property. While mediation is usually the first avenue explored, to keep the costs to a minimum, the experience at the firm includes the full spectrum of dispute resolution and litigation mechanisms. No matter how challenging the situation, a tailored strategy will be devised to achieve the best possible outcome – be it through informal negotiations or a full trial in court.

Reliable notary services

Stephen is also one of Bristol’s few Notaries, providing essential services for individuals and families in the local area and beyond. From cross-border property transactions to visa assistance and powers of attorney documentation, Stephen Gisby & Co enjoy a steady stream of work thanks to the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of their service. 

Nevertheless, clients can expect a highly personalised, transparent experience when instructing the team. It’s the level commitment and dedication to the unique cases of each individual along with the quality of advice that makes Stephen Gisby & Co the law firm of choice for sensitive legal matters.