Notary Services

Whether you’re looking to emigrate, set up a business, get married or buy property overseas, the process will inevitably require a number of legal documents to be “notarised” – that is to say, drafted, checked and certified by an appointed professional. This is primary the role of a Notary Public, a qualified lawyer appointed to prepare and validate documents in line with the laws of a foreign jurisdiction.

Recognised internationally, a Notary Public is essential for anyone carrying out business or personal matters abroad. Although most Notaries are qualified solicitors, a Notary does not perform the same function as a solicitor. Notaries are primarily concerned with the preparation, authentication and certification of documents for use abroad.

Bringing expertise, efficiency and a keen eye for detail, Stephen Gisby delivers a highly personalised and reliable notarial service to a diverse client-base in Bristol and the surrounding areas. At every stage in the process, you can expect to receive more than a document-signing service: instead, your will be situation carefully analysed and your interests will be prioritised to enable us to provide advice that best suits your requirements.

How can we help?

Stephen Gisby is one of Bristol’s few qualified, internationally-recognised Notaries. Every day, he provides high-quality notary services to individuals in the local area and beyond, dealing with matters ranging from foreign property transactions to helping ambitious professionals set up a commercial entity overseas.

By quickly identifying your requirements and establishing your objectives, Stephen Gisby can advise you on the best route to take, inform you of any additional steps and guide you through each part of the process with ease.

Our notary services include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing documents for purchase or sale of foreign property
  • Dealing with foreign estates
  • Certifying Powers of Attorney for use abroad
  • Setting up a business overseas
  • Getting married abroad
  • Notarising overseas job applications and work permits
  • Preparing and authorising documents for use in foreign court proceedings

Call 0117 915 4562 for pragmatic advice on your overseas affairs and a quick-turnaround on document certification.